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We are a music store in Yucaipa that specializes in music lessons, we know the importance of creating an interesting as well as informative atmosphere so the music lessons are fun, easy to advance through, and the system well thought out. Our mission to you as one of our music students is to make sure you will enjoy the music instruction process.

The fact that we retail music instruments and music accessories is a by-product of what we really love and that is teaching people to play beautiful music. We have a proven and proprietary learning track that we move you through, at your own pace, without frustration or intimidation. We remember that day when we picked up our first music instrument and it didn’t sound that much like music, but with the right music teacher and practice we became musicians. Learning to play music well will take time but done right you will love every minute and who knows maybe become a great musician! Music Lessons and practice are the ingredients that it takes to be able to “play it skillfully”. If you have never even picked up a musical instrument or you are advanced we have the experience and know how to help you get better.

Psalm 33 Music offers a variety of instrumental music lessons for all different skill levels, as well as vocal lessons. We have highly skilled, professional music instructors with interesting and varied experience in the music industry. Our music teachers are here to help you grow. Our goal is to contribute to your passion and love of music and to help you “play it skillfully”!! We reside right here on Yucaipa Blvd, in the City Of Yucaipa!

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Here is a list of local Schools, we are proud to have been approved by to teach and provide music lessons to their students. We understand and are up for this great responsibility and thank them for their confidence.

Psalm 33 Music Instuctions Yucaipa

Gorman Learning Center

Sky Mountain Charter School

Sage Oak Charter School

Competitive Edge Charter Academy
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